The DjoonFestival is this kind of abstraction in the time, this kind of paradisiac black hole where you dive with eyes closed before coming back to reality like when you wake up from a dream. It's not only about people coming, dancing, and going back home fucked up. It's about a boat, flying high in a dreamy sky during almost one week, populated with a family of fairies and music lovers having fun.

Favignana Italy is this sky.

The island is off Sicilia, close to the African shores. The place is pretty desertic and arid, you feel lost there, you feel nowhere. But it's a very enjoyable nowhere, a beautiful nowhere, with a green and blue sea, a warm breeze, some cactus and some of the best Dj's in the world. The music is deep and loud but seems to be a continuation of the calm and misty italian landscape. 

I didn't know anyone before coming, exept Adrien and the UndergroundQuality crew, but I quickly met some people that I followed and shot, who where in my opinion, living this dream as it had to be lived, I mean 100%. They represent one side of the festival, one of the many sides of this diamond, but they were part of my experience, they were the people I met. When the link between each other become more and more fake as the technology become more and more powerful, it's like breathing some pure oxygen to be there. It's like if everybody was going back to his roots, to something simple, forgetting problems and enjoying life, friendship, good cocktails, sea, sex, sun and intense music on a little rock lost in the sea of a bigger rock lost in cosmos.

Special thanks : Adrien and Afshin Assadian, Edward McKeithen - UndergroundQuality, the italian welcoming people. 

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