News for 2019, we are now working together with my long time best friend Paul Emman who makes his debuts with weddings. 

He will make videos or be my assistant this year. Check out his work at : ) (videos available soon) 


I've been taking picture for weddings since my last year in art school ten years ago. I was always shooting the same classmate for school projects and then she got married so she asked for my services. We already had a friendly relationship and she knew that I knew how I had to work to sublimate her. Then I could get customers and begin my career. To be honest I didn't expect that it would be so interesting. I have the chance to meet lovely people for some deep or happy moments, I can take fashion pictures, report pictures, stolen or prepared pictures and there is also an important social aspect that I appreciate. It's very varied and I hope you can see through my pictures that it's not only a job for me but also a passion.